Technology offers libraries opportunity to extend their role in learning and creativity. Geelong’s libraries are part of the drive of embracing technology such as 3D printing to renew community interest and enthusiasm.
A new era of accessible and affordable printing and creative technology is creating fresh opportunities for both new and existing businesses.
Printing is providing increased opportunity to keep up with changing market demands. Innovative designs no longer need to stay on a screen but can be transposed onto a wide range of tangible products.
The rise in popularity for co-working spaces is steering a new direction in work habits.  However, what users expect and want from these spaces is evolving as the co-working trend gains further momentum.
Whether setting up a new office or updating existing premises, there are a lot of things you can do to make your meeting spaces more appealing and efficient. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
When you are in the market for buying a copier it can be difficult getting your head around which ones are most suitable for your office. Here are the main considerations you need to note when deciding what model of copier is right for you.
Purchasing choices for photocopiers are never straight forward. Let’s clear the confusion to identify the types of copier contracts which are best for you.