Introducing the Next Gen Ricoh intelligent copier range

Ricoh’s impressive IM series of multi-function photocopiers is now available to offices and businesses throughout the Geelong region.

The IM – or Intelligent Machine – range includes all the best features from previous Ricoh copier models but with a new level of adaptability. 

Each of the new MFD copiers include Ricoh’s Always Current Technology. This means you can keep the software up-to-date and add new applications as they become available.  Importantly, it extends the life-span of your copier, enabling it to continue meeting the needs of a growing and developing digital workplace. 

Information security is also taken into account with on board encryption.

With print speeds ranging from 20 pages per minute (ppm) up to 60 ppm, the range includes a model suitable for all office and work team sizes and requirements.

The IM series copiers continue to boast Ricoh’s easy-to-use touchscreen display panels and are supported by a range of software packages for improving security and productivity in any workplace.