A New Printing Renaissance

Print your own images on T-shirts with a Direct to Garment printer

We are in a new age of enlightenment where digital and print come together to create different experiences and opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. 

The transformation of print to meet market demands is already generating fresh ideas and new business prospects.

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Use metallic papers to add shine to your product packaging

Marketers and designers know trends which appeal to consumers will vary year to year. Print now provides more options to keep up with those changes.

Innovative designs no longer need to stay on a screen but can be transferred onto a wide range of tangible products.

Different techniques and technologies are providing greater choices in material and formats. For example, we’ve witnessed the introduction of white toner for printing on coloured paper or cardboard.

White toner makes it easier to print on black or coloured paper

Designers can now add bling to packaging or printed materials by incorporating metallic papers in digitally printed designs. 

Ricoh recently introduced a simple but revolutionary idea to add a fifth colour station to its Pro C7100X commercial digital press alongside the release of new pink and yellow neon toners. 

Neon yellow toner is now available

Using neon pink toner will add a new sense of fun to your prints

Direct to garment printing will generate new opportunities for customisation

Mass production is increasingly giving way to customisation. 

Personalised apparel will be among the next big things with the release of desktop Direct-to-Garment printers this year.

Print your own images or a customised design on t-shirts, tote bags, cushions and much more.

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