Useful things to know when buying a copier

When it comes to buying a photocopier, the available choices can be overwhelming

There are scores of copiers on the market. When you are in the market for buying a copier it can be difficult getting your head around which ones are most suitable for your office.

Here are the main considerations you need to note when deciding what model of copier is right for you.

How many people will be using the copier

The number of people using the copier can help determine the size and print speed of the machine you need. Generally, the bigger the copier, the faster it prints. So copiers with lower print speeds are enough for a small office. While larger offices are best equipped with faster copiers.

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How much printing and copying are you like to do

Even smaller offices may regularly print large documents. If this is the case, maybe a slightly faster copier will work better for you.

Larger machines usually have bigger paper trays meaning less time spent topping them up.

Colour or B&W

Many businesses opt to buy a colour copier and have it defaulted to black and white printing to minimise running costs.

Think in advance whether you will need any colour copying before deciding on which type of machine you buy.

Copy costs

Most service contracts are based on copy costs where you pay for every time you copy or print a page.

In return, you should get free replacement of toner cartridges or general service call outs during the course of the contract.

Software options

A variety of software packages can be loaded onto your network to connect with your copier.

Decide if you need secure printing, the ability to charge for copies, options for tracking copier use or to redirect printing from one copier to another.

Just ensure they are compatible with your computer network

Extra features

Printing, copying and scanning are standard on most copiers. However, you may need other features such as extra paper trays, a stapler, or booking binder.

Even if you don’t need these options at first, check to ensure that can be fitted to your copier later on if need be.

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