Geelong’s Libraries Embrace 3D Printing and Deliver New Experiences

Geelong Libraries 3D printing

Technology offers libraries opportunity to extend their role in learning and creativity.

Geelong’s libraries are part of the drive of embracing technology such as 3D printing to renew community interest and enthusiasm.

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Geelong Library and Heritage Centre in central Geelong, Corio Library and Leopold Library all offer free 3D printing services and training.

These services are particularly important in suburban libraries to support and empower communities and changing people’s perception of libraries.

Corio Library

Corio and Leopold libraries are reporting growing interest in their makerspaces from people of all ages.

At Corio, monthly makerspace meetings are now a permanent feature and staff have personalised 3D printed name tags.

For many, it is the first time they’ve seen a 3D printer.

It’s also about them seeing how 3D printing technology works and the connection to how a design on a computer can be created into an object through the 3D printer.

Subha Simpson, Corio Library

Leopold Library

Every Friday at Leopold Library is now time for their 3D squad. It’s an initiative started by local children interested in designing and printing their own creations.

These kids then introduced the technology to their parents and grandparents.

The 3D printer makes the community feel they are part of something and feel privileged that it is here for them.

It empowers people. They stand taller when they come away having made something.

– Suzanne Cronin, Leopold Library

Libraries are society’s great equalisers. They are available to anyone and everyone, no matter our age, background or abilities.

And making 3D printers available at libraries is helping make tech accessible to all.

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