Deciding the types of copier contracts which work best for you

Deciding what types of copier contracts work best for you

Choosing the right path

Purchasing choices for photocopiers are never straight forward.

Working out how many copies you’ll do; who covers repair and supplies costs; and if there’s a pay-out on your current copier can get complex.

Let’s clear the confusion to identify the types of copier contracts which are best for you.

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Outright Purchase

Buying a copier outright is a good option if you have funds available. The copier is yours and you can sell or donate it when you need to upgrade. 

You can also have a service contract and pay a set charge per copy or print on your photocopier. The contract should cover basic repairs and maintenance; replacement toner; and most other supplies and parts.


Financing is available if you don’t have money on hand to cover the purchase price. A finance company lends funds to pay for the copier. You then repay the loan over a set time.

You can sign a service contract to cover service, supplies and repair costs. Your copier dealer will invoice the service charge separately to the finance payment.

Which type of copier contract is for you: Purchase, Finance or Pay per Print

Always check if copy costs are likely to increase over the course of the contract

Pay per Print

Pay Per Print is more complicated. Finance is provided on the purchase price alone but you pay higher copy costs to cover the interest on the loan.

Your monthly copy costs are paid to the finance company. They remove their share from the payment to cover loan costs. The remaining amount is forwarded to the copier dealer from whom you bought your machine.

Key points

  • Work out total monthly costs for the full course of the agreement.
  • Ensure to include payout costs for ending your current copier contract early in the final budget.
  • Ask questions and carefully read contracts before making a decision.

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Work out monthly costs for the course of your copier contract