Unboxing New Business Opportunities

Unboxing new business opportunities

There is a new era of affordable printing technology.

As software becomes more powerful, the machinery housing it is shrinking.  

Equipment once available only to large firms is now boxed in desktop sizes at prices more practical for smaller businesses. 

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At least one million desktop 3D printers are expected to be sold annually by 2020.

With unit prices falling, more businesses are using using desktop 3D printers to turn ideas into household items through both prototyping and customised end products.

On Etsy you can already buy 3D-printed vases, plant pots, name tags for your pets, jewellery and much more.

From passion to profit. Turn photos into a saleable product

The Ri 100 direct-to-garment printer help create products quickly and easily

Desktop direct-to-garment printers – such as the Ricoh Ri 100 – are the latest affordable technology to make their mark.

From under $7,000 you can get a business in a box.

Personal designs and even your own photographs can feature on T-shirts, pillowcases, cushions, canvas bags etc.

Start with a plan

Like any business idea, budding entrepreneurs need to take stock of their enthusiasm to create a solid and achievable economic model for their venture.

Business builder and mentor Scott Brown advises those wanting to use new tech to ensure they understand two key elements: What are you going to make and how will need it. 

“Look at the target market’s ability to pay … ask questions, conduct surveys and research. Look around in the space. Are there any other parties? What and how do they do it?” – Scott Brown

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