What’s Next for Co-Working Spaces?

Co-working spaces are generating a shift in our work habits

We are in the midst of a cultural shift in how we work. The rise in popularity for co-working spaces is steering a new direction in work habits. 

However, what users expect and want from these spaces is evolving as the co-working trend gains further momentum.

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Until now, the needs of those using co-working spaces have been relatively straightforward. 

However,  as demand and supply for shared spaces rise, customer needs  and expectations will be more complex. 

Co-working venue providers will have to stay ahead of trends in order to remain part of the game.  

“Like any workplace, we gravitate to the people whose values and personality we share, and co-work spaces that are mature have host to help curate not just the space but the social capital of the space. A space is a living thing and it needs to be nurtured.”

Kathy, co-working space user.

Access to video conferencing equipment will be essential

As users become more diverse, they will want access to emerging office equipment and services such as connected and collaborative technology to link and work with colleagues, associates and clients both locally and globally. Co-working providers will need to offer secure and effective video conferencing equipment and interactive visual communications technology.  

Co-working spaces will need desk booking systems to avoid mix-ups

Shared working venues will require efficient booking systems for desks and meeting rooms to handle the demands of multiple users.  As more individuals and companies get on board, the risk of double-bookings and over-bookings of rooms will increase. 

Reliance on manual or low-tech room booking methods will be no longer feasible.

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