Flashforge Creator 3

  • Provides for larger build sizes
  • Higher speed 3D printing
  • Dual extruders
  • Print water-soluble supports


The Flashforge Creator 3 provides professional 3D printing results from your desktop. Featuring a double output with dual independent extruders and a 300mm x 250mm x 200mm build volume, it offers flexibility and quality results.

  • Integrated Nozzle design supporting 300 degree heating temperature. 
  • Totally automatic Z-axis calibration. Just click on the screen. The device will run automatically and the program will record the height data of left and right extruder.
  • Includes a special brush to remove unwanted filament from the nozzle. 
  • A built-in camera helps keep an eye on prints in case of incorrect settings. Pause or abort printing via Wi-Fi by cloud.
  • 4.5 inch touchscreen with adjustable LED lights ensuring an optimised 3D printing experience in any environment. 


  • Build volume: 300mm x 250mm x 200mm
  • Nozzle temperature: 300 Celsius
  • Nozzle number: 2, independent
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Build plate temperature: Up to 120 Celsius
  • Print speed: 10-200mm/s

Physical Specifications

  • Screen: 4.5 inch touchscreen
  • Power: 100-240VAC, 48-63Hz, 500W
  • Dimensions: 627mm x 485mm x 615mm
  • Net weight: 45kg
  • Shipping weight: 52kg

Printing Materials

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • PVA
  • PETG
  • HIPS
  • PA
  • PC
  • WOOD


  • Software: Flashprint
  • System: Win 7/8/10; Mac OS; Linux
  • File type: Input: 3MF/STL/OBJ/FPP/BMP/PNG/ JPG/JPEG | Output: GX/G
  • Communication: USB stick; Wi-Fi; Ethernet
  • Cloud: FlashCloud; PolarCloud