Ricoh D8400 Digital Whiteboard

Work and collaborate the way you want.

  • Outstanding clarity: maximum 4k HD resolution
  • Large 84” display ideal for larger rooms
  • Unique and easy to operate User Interface
  • Swift, seamless connectivity to other smart devices
  • Real time remote sharing
  • Handwriting recognition OCR
  • Interactive software & applications
  • Collaboration through connectivity to other MFPs with customisation


Use the Ricoh D8400 Digital Whiteboard to showcase digital presentations with 4K resolution on an 84-inch flat-panel display from classrooms to the boardroom. Use multiple interfaces to connect to your choice of analogue, digital and audio devices and share your messages easily and economically. Connect to your PC or Mac® for convenient touchscreen control and add handwritten notes, edits and other markings directly to your presentation. Or, choose the IWB D8400 with integrated Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard Controller for more precise editing, advanced collaborative tools, remote viewing options and additional security.


Big screen, bigger impact

Make your messages bigger and more memorable via an 84-inch LCD flat-panel display. Place the large Ricoh D8400 Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), from classrooms to conference rooms to auditoriums, and give more people a better view of your images, text, videos and more. Connect the D8400 IWB to a Ricoh Business Projection System for even larger displays in more spacious venues.

Be clear with your message

Bring visuals to life in breathtaking 4K format, with resolution up to 3840 x 2160 dpi. Present in more than one billion colours with crisper lines, sharper contrasts and more subtle shading, so every member of your audience — from the first row to the last — sees everything with impeccable clarity. The IWB even masks glare and offers a blue light mode to reduce strain on your eyes.

Make collaboration the highlight

Add audience feedback to your presentation with ease. Use the third-party interactive software on your PC or Mac® to emulate the movement of your mouse or mobile device and modify your presentation. Add text, shapes and highlighted information to schematics, CAD drawings and other visuals on screen via your finger or felt-tip pen. Zoom in and out of images and text at any time with the same touch techniques you use on your smartphone.

Set yourself up for success

Starting your presentation is no problem at all. Do it without additional software, calibrations or IT support. You don’t even need a LAN connection. Use it with a wide range of Windows®, Mac and Android® devices, including smartphones, tablets and USB flash drives.

Show off to more people

Pair the D8400 IWB with other Ricoh devices to collaborate with a larger audience. Connect it to one of our business projection systems and enlarge the screen when you want to present in big venues, such as auditoriums or atriums. Create your own videoconference and use picture-in-picture to get feedback from remote audiences using the Business Projection System and another Ricoh IWB.