Ricoh PJ WU5570 Projector

  •  Vibrant images and colours with WUXGA display, 5,500 lumens and high contrast ratio of 9000:1
  • Automatic image correction with horizontal and vertical lens shift and keystone distortion for easy installation
  • Compatibility with latest network management utilities makes operation easy for your planned or adhoc presentations
  • Integral high-output 10W speakers provide easy to hear audio in large conference rooms
  • Connectivity options: wireless LAN, input devices – network PCs, USBs and HD sources including Blu-ray players


The Ricoh PJ WU5570 projector meets all your projection needs, offering high quality digital display on screens up to 300 inches in size for audiences of up to 50. With a choice of XGA and WUXGA resolution, image quality is outstanding. Simple installation and easy operation with the latest management utilities makes projection hassle free. Two integral 10W speakers and a wide choice of connectivity options make this right solution for all applications including business, education and events.


A choice of resolutions provides the ideal solution

You need powerful, high quality resolution images with vivid colour to hold the attention of audiences. The PJ WU5570 ensures that from 10 to 50 people will enjoy bright, vibrant presentations, when seated up to 13.5 metres from the screen. This brightness power allows you to project onto screens from 30 to 300 inches in size, so you can make presentations in a wide choice of rooms and auditoriums.

HD quality resolution and high contrast images

The PJ WU5570 provides a combination of WUXGA 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution and a high contrast ratio of 9000:1. This means that you can screen HD quality content from input sources such as a Blu-ray player in 16:10 screen aspect ratio. Your audiences will enjoy relaxed, comfortable viewing even during long presentations.

Advanced choice of connectivity options

A wide choice of connectivity options allows you to connect a broad range of input sources. There are two HDMI ports including one MHL enabled for connecting mobile devices such as smart phones. A LAN connection allows input from remote network devices and a USB port means that you can screen slideshows without the need for a computer connection. A conventional VGA port is provided along with the latest DisplayPort.

Flexible installation and easy operation

Vertical and horizontal lens shift with keystone correction gives you complete flexibility in installation location so you can choose the most appropriate place for your projection room. Operation is also easy because the PJ WU5570 is compatible with the latest network management and control utilities including Crestron, AMX and PJ Link. An optional wireless dongle even allows operation without a wired LAN connection.