Ricoh PJ WX3351N Desk Edge Projector

3,600-lumen desk-edge projector

  • WXGA Resolution (1280×800)
  • Brightness rating of 3,600 lumens
  • Screen size up to 400 inches
  • Desk-edge projection for less clutter


Attract attention when delivering presentations or videos. The Ricoh PJ WX3351N Desk Edge projector is a lightweight, high-quality projector perfect for busy offices and schools.

Widescreen projection with less clutter

Projector cables and a noisy fan can derail your presentation. Front facing design directs all noise, heat and cables away from your audience.

A network projector with wired or wireless options

Standard wired and wireless networking for maximum flexibility. Miracast mobile connectivity enables screen mirroring from your PC and Android devices.

Built in audio

Take advantage of booming audio from 10‑watt, built-in speakers and eliminate additional speaker costs.

Communicate creatively with 360‑degree projection

Project on the ceiling or floor with 360‑degree projection that allows you to project at any angle. Keystone correction automatically fixes any image distortion.

Lightweight design, bright impact

An innovative, small projector with added space saving features. No fuss operation with auto‑brightness and more ways to connect including from mobile devices. Display videos with sound using the built in speaker – you can show movies in 3D with a screen size up to 400 inches. No heat or noise to disturb you, all cables and fan exhaust are located in front for desk front placement.