Ricoh UCS P3500

Meeting spaces, dedicated conference rooms, your desktop or outside the office. The way you exchange information will vary depending on your location.

With Ricoh’s Unified Communication System, all these locations can be connected easily for seamless
visual communication.


The Ricoh Unified Communication System P3500 is easy to operate in a variety of places with its wide camera angle and zoom function.

Expand its abilities by connecting external devices such as PTZ cameras or speakers. If you install it in a dedicated conference room, you can have multi-site calls with a large number of people.

 A portable system to suit your needs

The P3500 meets your needs wherever you are.  Easily carry it around rooms, use it in a narrow space or in a conference room with a lot of participants.

Awarded iF Design Award 2015

The Ricoh UCS P3500 was awarded an iF Design Award 2015 by iF International Forum Design GmbH, a German company and one of the world’s leaders in design promotion for industrial products.



Compact and stylish

Easy to operate and designed with taste, the P3500 is a light-weight 1.6 kg device the size of an A4 sheet. A camera, microphone, speakers, wired/wireless LAN are all built-in. The P3500 is also 40mm thick, flat enough to be stored in a cabinet desk.

External devices for expanded usage

The P3500 is equipped with digital video ports to avoid drops in the transmission quality. You can also connect external devices to its high speed USB 3.0 ports (x 2) for an even better experience.

Be connected anywhere

On top of a wired LAN, the P3500 also supports wireless internet (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n). In a wireless environment, you can freely start your visual communication anywhere.

Note: Separate power source and display device are required.

User friendly

Raise the camera and press the buttons on the surface of the device. It’s as simple as that.

The interface integrates in an intuitive way all the important functions for a conference, so that even people who are not used to computers can use the P3500 easily. Turn on the power, select your contact with your fingertip,and in 3 steps your conversation begins.

Turn the camera in all directions

You can turn your camera in every direction, left to right and upside down. The P3500 can also be used as a document camera if you show a piece of paper in front of the camera.

Clear image and sound

HD quality

A resolution of 1280×720 and output rate of 30 frames per second create a smooth and realistic image. Get the impression that the person you are talking to is standing in front of you.

Automatic exposure control

Even if one of the participants has a light source or a window behind him, the image is automatically adjusted to display the person in the most suitable brightness. Now you can get a clearer picture of people’s facial expressions.

Dynamic media control

The built-in microphone and speakers have been improved so that even if you are at a distance from the device, you can still be heard distinctly and talk collision is suppressed. Moreover, the quality of video, audio and PC screen sharing is adjusted according to your bandwidth.

Large angle and zoom function

All the elements of your surrounding environment can be captured by the 125 degree camera. Moreover, the 4x zoom allows you to focus on someone in the back of the room.